Who is the Stranger of MTL?

southgate-2017-035.jpgWho is the Stranger of Mtl?Well I won’t describe it in it’s entirety as I like to keep a mysterious ode around myself but I can say that I am a lost breed.Raised in Montreal,it definitely was a blessing and challenge at the same time.From love and lost I developed who I am now and that is kind soul with barbed wire on the outside in case of trespassers.Unique,well who isn’t unique nowadays right?what I mean to say is I don’t follow trends,I don’t keep up with the Jones’s and always late to the party.I still show up thou.I’m a massive music head,all genres to be exact.It really comes down to what I’m doing or how I’m feeling.I particularly love hip-hop from the earlier days and alternative,mainly during the SMASH era.

Visiting different provinces and cities has always kept my interest in our culture really high,especially food.Meeting different folks with their stories is always interesting if we take the time and listen.That is enough for now,will update as this journey of mine continues.Have a blessed day visitors.

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