Country or city-the conclusion

Well the end has finally arrived.With the New Year starting I am sure folks all over are planning on major changes in their life and location may be one of them.Some are looking to upgrade,downgrade or all together leave the noise and smog of the city for a crisp and quiet country life.Over the last... Continue Reading →


So spring has not only officially arrived but the change in weather is guaranteeing us. Being a city boy all my life and making the leap into rural living and working in the city I would like to give my unbiased opinion about the journey we have embarked on. We always would dream about living... Continue Reading →


Well okay,it has been about 5 months since we moved from our comfort in the city to the unknown of the country.During this time we went from the beautiful weather and colors of fall to a bone chilling winter.As we are in spring now and the weather is finally cooperating,I wanted to let you know... Continue Reading →

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