Country or City-5

Well,it's nearing the one year mark on our move from the tightly packed,everything within arms reach life of the city to the crickets of the country. By now summer is almost over with and the beauty and dreadful work that fall brings is upon us. I'm sure all those leaves,and I mean all those leaves... Continue Reading →


So spring has not only officially arrived but the change in weather is guaranteeing us. Being a city boy all my life and making the leap into rural living and working in the city I would like to give my unbiased opinion about the journey we have embarked on. We always would dream about living... Continue Reading →


So here is one that is particularly interesting for a lot of you readers.The age old question of which is better-working and living in the city or working in the city and living in the country.I will give you my unbiased answer to this as my wife and I have recently just done the latter.As... Continue Reading →

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