A getaway from it all

I think a lot.My mind is in a constant wheel spinning as if it's competing in hamster wheel races. In all honesty,it sucks. No better way to describe it. No 50$ word,nothing. I am constantly fighting a battle with myself and,well myself. The only difference is that I am not looking in a mirror. I'm... Continue Reading →

How I moved on……

Life in general is beautiful. It's a blessing to wake up and see the beauty that is around us. Fresh air and a breeze is all you need to put on a smile. And a simple wrench thrown in our gear can completely ruin our chi. I feel like quite a few wrenches get thrown... Continue Reading →

Turn the page(toned down)

So I just celebrated my birthday and as I get another year older seems like I dust off my shoulders some more. For the better though. I am enjoying my life as I don't have to deal with other peoples drama and excuses. Why a second blog about the same shit as last time?simple,here is... Continue Reading →

Does it get better or worse

So as most readers might not know if you haven't read my other blogs I'm pretty much a lonesome cowboy. I have a very few,I guess more than one but less than 3 is considered few,friends. It wasn't always like this. When I was younger I was surrounded by friends. All we did was hang... Continue Reading →

New career move

Living in the country is getting better by the day. I'm really getting the chance to appreciate the little things as well as the bigger ones. We shall save that for another post. I do have to admit that working in the country does not seem like an appealing offer for me therefore I still... Continue Reading →

Country or city 4

So now we are officially in the month of June and I have to admit,the country life is cool. The weather is a tad cooler than the city but the sun,oh my,how beautiful are the sunrises and sunsets. Now I know buying a house in the country just for the sunsets isn't that appealing so... Continue Reading →


So spring has not only officially arrived but the change in weather is guaranteeing us. Being a city boy all my life and making the leap into rural living and working in the city I would like to give my unbiased opinion about the journey we have embarked on. We always would dream about living... Continue Reading →

Bait and Hook

So I opened up my Instagram account just under 2 years ago without knowing how it works.No research done,just jumped in and learned as I went.It definitely took some time but I kept on improving.I learned how hashtags work,which I am sure I still haven't master but either way,I post.Then something odd started happening,I was... Continue Reading →

Another day of tests

7:15 am,I'm early. That's alright,I rather be early than late.Since I was a young one,I made it my mission to always be on time,even early. I eat,catch up on news and check my social media platforms. All 2 of them. We are scheduled for 8:00 am and no show from you. I text. No response.... Continue Reading →

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