Country or city-the conclusion

Well the end has finally arrived.With the New Year starting I am sure folks all over are planning on major changes in their life and location may be one of them.Some are looking to upgrade,downgrade or all together leave the noise and smog of the city for a crisp and quiet country life.Over the last few months I have been posting the difference that I personally have felt and noticed moving from the city to the rural life.For more detailed differences please read the following posts

Were coming home

A little back story about my wife and I as to set a parameter for individuals thinking on a similar move.I work for the city of Montreal,which I recently started,before that I was landscaper.My wife works as a data entry clerk.We both travel to the city for work.We have two dogs that are aging but overall healthy.We are in our late 30’s nearing 40 and healthy.Financially we are stable but not comfortable.Our family and all medical professionals are located in Montreal.We didn’t change them as we were not sure on our long term decision.Not to say that there are none out here,it’s merely a comfort move.On the contrary,there are plenty and they are accepting new clients/patients.

Now that we have a little backstory,let’s continue.One fantastic news is that we actually have a great internet service provider now.It’s fast and provides a load of gigs.Great if you have a Netflix account or are planning to turn your rural home into a smart one.It might sound insignificant,but we do live in the internet age and it’s accessibility is of utmost importance.

The big question will be-is it worth it for me?In all honesty we realized that it wasn’t for us.We need the noise.We crave it.We love the convenience of having everything around us even if it does create a ridiculous amount of traffic.I actually miss those awkward moments with the neighbors. In the country,we see nobody.Everybody keeps to themselves.Not to say that they are rude,matter of fact they are super polite.If you spot them.

A lot of factors should be considered before making a decision.For starters the car you will drive if travelling into the city and the distance that will be covered.Even though we save a tremendous amount on our taxes and vehicle registration living outside the city,we do spend a lot on gas.The wear and tear on your tires. Overall reliability of your vehicle.

Consider your family and friends.Would they make the trip out there?during the pouring rain or a snow squall?are you mentally strong to deal with potential isolation from what you were used to?

All these and so much more are to be considered.And for us the answer was no.It wasn’t worth it.Even if the houses are ridiculously priced lower than the city.

I could surely go more in depth on any part of the difference if anyone would love to know.Please feel free to contact me and I would gladly answer any questions providing I have experienced it.

-Living in the country has surely its upside and it’s downside.It also was a great way to discover who we are.Without all the emotions I went thru,I probably wouldn’t of launched my apparel brand.I probably wouldn’t apply to the city.I could of stayed the same guy until the end.If life should be an experience and a lesson,well this surely was both.At an advanced level.But at the end of the day as the saying goes-if you don’t like where you are,move,your not a tree.

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