No more hiding in 2019

just the two of us was beautiful

2018 has gone.It surely was a trying year with it’s many challenges that left me bruised.Not scarred.In this post I want to talk about how my seclusion from the world has impacted my everyday life in 2018 and the change I want to make in 2019.This is not a resolution,it’s a revelation into my life.

We moved from big city Montreal to a small country town about 45 mins away from our stomping grounds.It has been nearly 15 months of living the rural life all the while working in the big city.At first it seemed like a dream come true.We have land,a personal piece of the forest and the oh so beauty of peace.Crime is non-existent and so is everything else.What started as a dream quickly shifted to isolation and inched it’s way into depression.

For starters,we rarely went out anymore as everything was further than what we are accustomed to.The amount of friends and family that made the trip out here I can count on my fingers.Our days were getting longer with no escape in site.We used to go on excursions/road-trips regularly.That all came to an end.Our passion was just dying.We became the norm.Work,sleep and repeat.If it wasn’t for the gym I honestly have no idea in what shape we would of been in.

We drifted apart.I became resentful of our relationship and the decision to move.Many days I just wanted to leave.I just wanted to restart.I wanted to runaway.Well guess what,that’s how we ended up here.We ran away from big city problems to the isolation of the country.I am not running anymore.It’s time to fix.

Fast forward to the last few weeks of 2018 and that’s when we decided to drastically change our ways.First thing was myself.My appearance,my care,my attitude.I dropped the urban street-wear flare to a more mature appearance.I consistently tell myself that the only opinion that matters is of my own.Even if they stare,let em.I got my shit together.I started feeling good.We started having days in the city where we would drop off the dogs at my dads place(he loves them)and we would just explore.Life was being breath in me once again.We both felt rejuvenated and agreed that this would be a bi-weekly get-away.

We decided that a move was needed back to the city but not to our old ways.A fresh start in an old city.The important note to take is forcing ourselves to get out there regularly.Even if alone.

2018 had it’s turn with me.2019 I’m hitting back.

-There are many individuals out there suffering the same scenario.Some are still feeling like they will never escape the depression.I felt like this.It is constant work and painful realization but it is possible to feel alive again.Please share this with someone who needs it.It just might be the catalyst that changes their life.

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