2018 in a cracked nutshell

Well needless to say that this year has come and is leaving us.Hopefully leaving you all with warm memories and new found courage.

I have to say that 2018 was definitely a year of ups and downs for myself.Firstly it was the first complete calendar year that I literally just kept to myself and let my inner demons take control and seclude all outside contact.Save for working and a few obligations. Now this was done partially by my own accord and the rest by lack of enthusiasm and ambition.

I have lost more than I can care for as one starts developing senses that numb to past pleasures.This introvert year of mine was not all that bad since I was able to dedicated tremendous amount of time and knowledge to the one aspect of my life I will gladly die for.GYM.As I age it is no mystery that my bounce back is not that of my twenties so a pursuit in physical fitness would seem like a great choice.I have to admit that I do feel better than ever in this department.

I continued my mental training with books of all genres and would love to give a special mention to Aubrey Marcus and his wonderful book -Own the day,which also linked me to the book of the year which was -A new earth by Eckhart Tolle. These two books were a GOD send and I highly recommend the read to anyone regardless of what your life circumstances are.Also,I would love to mention that I was introduced to a fantastic book that I finished in 2 days which was recommended by a college of mine.Please don’t poke fun as this is a classic and been around for what seems like centuries.-The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.I had the opportunity to finish this book while my wife was having surgery.Hospitals can be a fantastic place to catch up on ,EVERYTHING.

It was a great year to try out new flavors from around the world that we recreated in our kitchen.The results were shy of perfection.Staying on the subject of nutrition it was also a start for me in trying out different protein supplements mainly all natural ones and falling in love with the options one can create that adds no artificial sugar or coloring.

On the career side,I am glad to say that my employment with the city has multiple benefits such as a decent pay and time.Time to be able to pursue my side business and projects.Yes,the job itself is not rewarding or even exciting but,the positives surely outweigh the negatives and the fact that I was able to release my clothing brand due to the income and time I had is good enough for me.I continue to landscape and renovate when the odd project arises,however I am more at liberty to decline jobs that will surely annoy me.Most will understand that last part.

My relationship with the man upstairs has become more of a partnership where we spend more time together than the previous five or ten minutes i would muster up.Having conversations for an hour at times,I feel the connection is stronger than ever.Even if we get on each others nerve.I do not blame him for my outcomes but thank him for giving me another opportunity.Lending me a hand when I am down.

My life in the country has surely had it’s ups and downs.To be truthful mainly downs.I am a city guy.I love the light peering thru the curtains,the horns,the police sirens.Yes,the traffic is unbearable,but I rather be in traffic staring into another persons soul than dodging skunks at a 100 km/h,or wondering what the field of vegetables are thinking about.Oh look,another spruce dying.Kind of like my hopes if I stay here any longer. Brrrr,Morbid a  little.The silence out here can drive a person mad.I will be back in the city sooner than later.I am projecting that this winter will be my last one here.This requires a lot of sacrifice on my part which I will gladly make to get back to the noise of the city.The minimal commute to anything your heart desires.Now this brings me to the last topic of 2018-the relationship with my wife and I.

Overall it has been steady(it’s not a good place to be). We have become  such different people that her quirks are frustrating now as I am sure mine are to her.I am not going to expose our relationship as this is a private matter.Where 2019 will bring us is still unclear and it surely requires a lengthy conversation that we will be having soon.

We made a decision last year to move out here.I believe we made a decision based on our situation at that moment and not one of sound mind.

I want to leave you all with one thought-I spoke daily with GOD and asked him questions based on my current state that day.I yelled and I cried,I cursed and I laughed,but I never stopped thanking him for another day.If you got another day,be thankful.Don’t live miserably without a plan.God wants us to be happy.Even if we can’t see it now.

Happy New Year bloggers,let’s try to smile more in 2019!

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