Country or City-5

Well,it’s nearing the one year mark on our move from the tightly packed,everything within arms reach life of the city to the crickets of the country. By now summer is almost over with and the beauty and dreadful work that fall brings is upon us. I’m sure all those leaves,and I mean all those leaves will surely keep us busy for a few months. Or,let it be til I buy a ride on mower and then mulch the living organism out of it.

So let’s get to the comparison part of it all. The internet is still shit. Not all the time but most of the time I want to throw everything that is tech related out the window. I did switch to a better plan on my phone to compensate for it. We have bell satellite and overall it works great. Unless of course there is a storm or heavy rain then it’s out for the count.

Expense wise I am essentially paying for bell satellite because my internet is below par and we would not be able to get Netflix or any of those streaming services. So right there I am spending an extra 90$.

Travelling to work and back,including groceries. So we do live further than we did previously from our work and of course it costs more in gas. More wear and tear on the vehicles and of course,frequent oil changes. Gas for me costs about 150$ a week. This gives me approximately 5 runs to the city and back. Oil changes went from 3-4 a year to 7-8 and it does get costly. Figure 35$ an oil change(I do it myself). Wear and tear is a bit hard to predict but tires is not. We definitely wear out tires more so we almost lose a year. Actually we do for safety reason on the winter.

I already ended up in a ditch,don’t plan on doing that twice.

So we figure an extra 1000 per year for vehicular maintenance and or tires.

Now the necessary extras that one might need to live in the country.

-we have a septic which we have to pay about 250 every two years to have cleaned out. I don’t even want to think about the cost to replace the system. On top of the 250,we need to have the weeping field reworked for a cost of approximately 2000$ every 7 years.

-a generator(800 for a good one)

-ride on (don’t have one yet but we are looking at around 2500)

-groceries,well it’s smarter to buy in bulk. Less long ass trips to the city. (Same expense as city life just higher initial cost at a time)

These are the most noticeable differences I have noticed in the year we have been here.

So let’s say that our house in the city would go for at least 325000-400000,with the enormous land that we own. That is at least 100 -150% increase from what we paid.

Now let’s get to the part where we save money.

-registration for my truck is about 100$ cheaper.Not on a major city.

-our taxes for the home are about a third of what we would pay in the city for a similar house. Along with the school tax.Also since we are not connected to city sewer it does affect the price of the yearly tax.

-home insurance isn’t terrible since we live next to a fire station. No comparison to use for city as we were in a condo.

-gas is less expensive but we are filling up more often.

-professional services are more expensive from a few “just for the hell of asking “quotes I got. Can’t really judge on the quality of their work as I have not had work done.

So this is a basic list of what I have gathered so far. It does seem that we saved a lot. From the home price to taxes. We do pay for it by losing on sleep or other activities as we need to leave earlier and we get home later.

The great news is that house values are going up. Plus with the renovations we are doing,it definitely helps in the increasing of the overall home value.

Downside is seeing money go out the window on such necessities like gas. Filling up a full tank a week is expensive and mind blowing.

So this is just a little update and comparison chart for those thinking of leaving the city for the country life or even vice versa. As we learn and experience more,the part will increase. As always this is our point of view and our experiences.

Every choice I make will have an impact on my life. Whether it’s positive or negative is up to me. -Stranger of MTL

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