My life in “the city”-part 1

My experience working for the city of MTL as an anglophone with socializing issues.

Okay,here we go.Let’s start off by saying that I really do enjoy what I do at my current position. This is in no way a bash on anyone. It is purely my experience so far.

I am anglophone. I do speak French however,just not on a professional level. I can communicate all day and I do everyday but it seems that people on the cities payroll are quick to judge a book by its cover. Now the group I work with is naturally smaller as we do the night shift compared to that of the day shift. I try. I really do. I actually enjoy the French language but the French that my colleagues are speaking sounds so slang and rapid that I can’t always catch the sentences.

A few of them speak English and it’s very good. You have to understand that it’s almost like a forbidden act speaking English. I get by,sometimes it’s hard but I always learn and get better for the next conversation.

Interact. Interact. Interact. This is what I do as much as I can be in a socially awkward individual. It’s fine. I know I will get better,but a lot of the times it makes one feel alone.

We are not supposed to feel divided. But I do. That’s why I decided to take my life full throttle ahead and create my own reality. By bringing my dreams to fruition I can secure myself financially and socially. Economically and relationally. This is what I am working towards,this is why I don’t sleep. These are the reason I push harder than I have in the gym. I will not fail. I will succeed.If I am to create a world where I would want to be in,I better be ready to put in the work.

I work on my projects during work. I work on my projects off of work. I am constantly trying for ways to make this dream of mine a success.

So everyday is different. I never know with who I am going to be or what I will be doing. It’s interesting and at the same time stressful.Like how the fuck do you prepare for your task. It should be noted that nothing we do is hard or complicated so I should not be as stressed but I am who I am(thank you EM).

In all honesty even with the uneasy feeling sometimes,it’s worth it. It’s worth it because it affords me time to work on my projects. It pays me a good salary that I can take a few days here and there off from my clients to work on my project.

So if you are an anglophone and what to be in a all French borough,it’s the place to be.

I spend a lot of time alone on my phone,writing blogs or reading. We can do this which I am grateful for. I have worked for companies where the whole phone concept is a big reprimand. Seriously?But that is the rules. Play or fail.

Overall,an anglophone working for a mainly francophone borough is hard but not impossible. I just have to try harder and my French will naturally on its own get stronger. That I like. However,for the socializes issue,well that will have to be another blog post for another work day.

-Some may see a wall,all I see is another opportunity to break thru my comfort zone and be stronger. Trust me,this uncomfortable feeling is pure progress. So come at me!-Stranger of MTL

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