Where does one belong in this beauty?

The world is beautiful. It is a fact. We are surrounded by views only nature can give us. If we are able to put aside the ugliness that the media feeds us,we can really appreciate the beauty that encompasses us. Don’t believe me?Go outside. Close your eyes for a few seconds,tilt your head upwards and now open your eyes. What you see is infinite. What you see are all your dreams and all your fears and all your beliefs. Isn’t it beautiful. Now ask yourself this question,where do I fit in?

Well, I am not going to lie and say that this is an easy answer. It’s not. Because in all my experiences we don’t fit in anywhere. This world is ever changing and at a pace so quick that once you feel that you fit in it’s obsolete. It’s better to not think of it as a “where do I fit in” but more as where do I want to be.

Fitting in is what we are trapped to believe. Where we want to be is our mind setting upon a destination. A point where we can presume that we are comfortable in our own skin. Where do you want to be?

Now that is a simple question. I want to be at peace amongst my self. I want to be where my worries are nil. I want to create and conquer rather than merely squander.I want to have peace rather than anger. I have found this in myself. I have found this in books. I have experienced peace in Mother Nature. The gym has created a zen like zone where the outside world can’t shovel its negativity on me. It’s a place of iron. My body is iron. My mind is iron.

Everyday we have another opportunity to improve ourselves. Whether we fit in somewhere,are lost or just coasting,we have the ability to erase and restart.

So whichever category you place yourself in, this vast world filled with beauty anywhere you pick,that’s where you will be. Let’s stop this whole “we need acceptance “non-sense. Let’s just be and watch ourselves flourish.

-I enjoy staring into the sky,getting lost in its infinity. It is what keeps me motivated to push harder the following day. -Stranger of MTL

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