Responsibility vs actuality

Responsibility is what we have. It’s what we create in our day to day tasks. Actuality is what happens in real time. Pretty simple to distinguish between both of these. Not so my friends,not so at all. Let’s get into a situation that I recently got myself into.

So I pride myself on giving fantastic service to my clients. I match this with “whatever you need done” mentality. Now that we are aware of my level of commitment to my clients let’s see what will happen.

They leave on vacation for two weeks. I am in charge of maintaining the property.

It has been especially dry as of late here and despite the fact that they have an irrigation system not everything gets watered. One of my duties was to ensure the plants stay hydrated. I accepted the task. Reality is that my regular job and day to day goals have priority,at least to me. I know that I accepted the challenge,don’t rub it in. So I was unable to go as often as I thought I would of had. Certain plants look like they are headed to the big compost pile in the sky. Actuality. I am super busy and I should of not taken this task. Right?wrong. I am a problem solver. People have problems and I fix them. That’s what I do. So when I was unable to tend to my duties I felt like shit.

Responsibility is in fact adding on to the stress of day to day living. Actuality is that I can’t do everything. I am not superman. Good. I hate superman. I prefer Batman.

I am responsible for a lot of things. My health. My finances. Upkeep of my property. My truck. My goals and dreams. Actuality;some things will have to suffer in order to make other ones work.

It is understandable that it’s a basic story but the fact remains the same. Responsibility vs actuality. All of our day to day tasks have this in common. We create situations that get us in stressful situations and then we over medicate and over burden ourselves to meet our responsibility in a world of actuality.

You want peace,stop trying to always meet your responsibility. Live in a world of actuality. Life will be hard at first. I know. Over time,it will become easier and you will actually have more accomplished than you previously would of had.

The hardest part is getting started and not relying on medication or sacrificing your health to be all you can be.

I am slowly aiming for total peace. I will achieve it. Step by step I am becoming more independent and becoming comfortable in a lonersome setting. Whatever,all will payoff when I reach all my goals.

-the crowd never won me over. I am not the norm. -Stranger of MTL

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