A getaway from it all

I think a lot.My mind is in a constant wheel spinning as if it’s competing in hamster wheel races. In all honesty,it sucks. No better way to describe it. No 50$ word,nothing. I am constantly fighting a battle with myself and,well myself. The only difference is that I am not looking in a mirror. I’m walking. I’m driving. I’m reading. I’m eating. I am doing me. I’m living. So it’s not hard to see why I need a getaway,from it all.

I will be straight and say that I am not blessed with many friends. The joy of going out and enjoying myself is pretty much lost. Organizing get togethers is like having a root canal without anesthesia. Believe me,I am not over exaggerating. So when we had the opportunity to go away with another couple and their kids it was a pleasure.

What happened ,I had a great time. I forgot about life for two days. I lived. I was a carefree youth again. Not to be mean but I did not even think about my pups. Now before I get my head chewed,you will never find someone who loves his dogs more than me. I literally put them before people and work my plans around them.So calm down. The fact that they were being looked after by family reassured me they were safe. Plus I got updates. Back to where I was. Carefree. I swam. I kayaked. Canoed. Fire pits. Read. Everything I did was not followed by a voice in my head. It was clear.

I need more of these. We actually have a weekend planned to get away. It’s our treat yo self getaway. It will be our first one of this nature. Here’s crossing my fingers it goes great.

So it really comes down to the simple fact that I need to get away. Will this always be the answer?

I live in the country,so I am blessed enough to have fresh air and no noise pollution. However,when at home I see the amount of work that I think needs to be done right away but in reality,there is no rush. No pressing matters.

So when I have a chance to go away,even road trips for a day,it really only helps to rejuvenate the mind and soul. We use to go away all the time. We were constantly crossing the border into the USA or Ontario. With the exchange rate now it’s not as stimulating to go south of the border. It will be a financial crises. Insert laughter here.

It does merit a mention that when we were having our weekly road trips I really didn’t have much going for me in respect to my future. Just working and living. It is about the time I started ingesting positivity in the form of podcasts and books.

So what am I babbling on about?the mind needs a break from time to time. A carefree weekend,a long winding road to nowhere or my favourite-caves.

I hope this helps someone out there that is suffering a mental battle that it does get better. One getaway at a time.

-river and streams carried me away,while the tree protected my thoughts. It blocked the negative responses trying to creep back inside. -Stranger of MTL

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