How I moved on……

Life in general is beautiful. It’s a blessing to wake up and see the beauty that is around us. Fresh air and a breeze is all you need to put on a smile. And a simple wrench thrown in our gear can completely ruin our chi.

I feel like quite a few wrenches get thrown in my gears but I’m mechanically inclined to repair most damages caused by the wrench. However,just like everyone else I get those situations where it jams my gears for a long time. Some severe damage has occurred and to repair it will cost me some deep reflecting and some out of my comfort zone action.

First step is to see why this wrench is jamming up my chi gears. Usually caused by someone close to me or something close to me. I need to understand that most of these wrenches are not thrown in purposely but more as a carefree toss in the sky. The majority of people have no clue what they are doing,this is the truth. They are super consumed on their day to day lives that your mere existence isn’t a concern at all. Nothing personal. It’s life. I often take this personally because that was the way in which I am.

It sucks. Big time.

So I am getting better at letting these unfortunate but never the less will happen events not piss me of as much.This past few weeks have been hard as I am going through a lot internally and externally. It feels like my mental and spiritual immune system is running on tired.

I’m lucky to have certain hobbies and goals that I can rely on to get me through these phases.

The gym and books seem to be my gateway to eternal bliss. Getting my brand up and running is definitely a huge burden blocker.

-I will succeed with my brand and will be so occupied that nothing will be able to distract me.(repeat)

I will repeat this over and over.

You see,these are blessings that we are encountering and each one we conquer makes us that much more prepared for the next one. Albeit more challenging,but nonetheless we are able to overcome these difficult times.

So in reality there is no need for a second step. Once we know why we have let this wrench into our lives it is up to us,to remove it.

It will be challenging,that’s for sure. Find a hobby. Improve your mind. I often read and get distracted by my own thoughts while reading but eventually as I push on through,the words on print take over the mindless thoughts in my mind.

So how do I move on. By placing myself in the middle of where I want to be. A book. A gym. A future. In the woods. Working on my property. If a wrench gets thrown while I’m in my zone,it will surely be hard for that wrench to make its mark on my gears. I have found my chi.

-I have found myself hurt more by my own thoughts than outside influences. That ends now.-Stranger of MTL

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