Turn the page(toned down)

So I just celebrated my birthday and as I get another year older seems like I dust off my shoulders some more. For the better though. I am enjoying my life as I don’t have to deal with other peoples drama and excuses. Why a second blog about the same shit as last time?simple,here is why.

So my awesome wife pretty much organized a party for me and we invited about 25 people. This consisted of friends(most I haven’t seen in years) and also family members. So we gave everyone at least 10-14 days notice. Typical Facebook invite.

Excuses after excuses,all but 2 friends cancelled or plain just ignored the invite. I had 2 of my closest friends show up and two of my wife’s friends show up. The ones that at the very least we communicate daily didn’t show up. Legit no show,no nothing. One had a work call,totally cool. Make your money. The rest just no show. The only people that actually communicated to let me know that they were unable to attend was family members. Now is this negative of me to say?i don’t believe so. Believe me when I say,I am a positive person. This right here is me cleansing my thoughts.

It just sucks that one day a year-we can’t get together. However,I have to relocate for them and their events(which always costs money). No more. I’m done. Those that are reading this could take it two ways. In all honesty,I’m just venting. It seems when we plan road trips,nobody is available. Get together at our place,too busy. I shit you not it’s been like this for a long time. Let’s say since I got sober. Just under 6 years.Before that,parties at our place weekly. Everybody would come.

Am I paranoid?paranoid of what. The fuck is there to be paranoid about. I am not overthinking this even though I do overthink a lot. I see how people treat others,I observe. People watch.

Unless it’s super duper fun and drug/alcohol infused,nobody gives a shit. It’s not instagram and Facebook worthy. Well okay then!

So as you see in my eyes,nobody wants to make an effort for anyone anymore unless it benefits them. Unless it stimulates a need for them. I ain’t like that. I will never be like that. I believe in making an effort,even if it’s not convenient all the time. But now,no more. You want to see me. Move your ass to where we are. Our events aren’t fun,feel free to remove yourself altogether.

To the people that I haven’t seen in years that came,bless you. You made the trip out here with no expectations, just to see me. I applaud that. I am super glad we are reconnecting and can’t wait for more backyard get togethers.

Sometimes all you need is a little rude awakening to realize who is what and what is important.

As one of my buddies that came said(which I love by the way)-the amount of people is irrelevant!

Thank you my friends,you definitely did make this guys day that much sweeter. -Stranger of MTL

In case those reading this realize it’s about you. 🤷‍♂️. Do as you please. I’m done.

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