If it ain’t one thing,it’s another(updated)

So I’ve had a hell of a week. New job,not sure I’d call it a career move yet. Too soon to tell. Staying super busy with my clients and the new job when all of a sudden…..one after the other shit starts breaking,malfunctioning or just needs to be tossed the fuck out. I still haven’t gotten paid yet and won’t for a few weeks and already I’m seeing myself in the negatives. Plus on top of all this,there are moths in my wallet cause I ain’t got no money. Geez.

So that’s how it’s starting and how I will end it will have to be seen.

Some can say it’s a coincidence or a mere string of bad luck. It’s neither. It’s just life. These things happen and will continue to happen as long as we are alive and we are consumers. The truth of the matter is,shit breaks. Hell,even our bodies break. Mentally and physically we get broken. Suck it up buttercup. If you plan on whining about it then life is going to be long and dull and hard. Sure there are days where you are going to get pissed off but those will come and just like, night will pass.

I wish I could tell everyone that life will be a cherry on the cake. It won’t. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna suck. When it’s all said and done it will be worth the pain and misery you will go thru. And repeat.

I have had more shit days in my life than I can count. From crummy ass jobs,to loss of friends,no income,etc but I have always emerged stronger. So will you. Just believe. Don’t give up. Fight. Whether your swinging alone or with someone on your side,swing with all you got.

I hope this can help someone as it helped me in writing it. Some therapy doesn’t require a licensed professional. It requires patience and the need to just blurb it out.

-my strength to continue comes from my drive to reach my goals-Stranger of MTL

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