New career move

Living in the country is getting better by the day. I’m really getting the chance to appreciate the little things as well as the bigger ones. We shall save that for another post. I do have to admit that working in the country does not seem like an appealing offer for me therefore I still work in the city. I believe it plays a major part in my appreciation for the country life. Everyday I drive into the city to see the deteriorating streets and right on top of it a massive condo being raised like some Phoenix. So I continue to work in the city as I do believe that there are far more opportunities than in the country. For me at least.

I’ve always been a manual labor guy. It doesn’t bother me,I actually enjoy working with my hands and my brain. I’ve learned so much over the course of years that I really feel like it’s brought me to a point of survivalist mentality.

So,why I saying all this?because I just recently took on a new position that I’ve been waiting on for years and it’s finally in my hands now. Working for the city that molded me. I am officially a city worker. Before all praise is past my way,it’s a seasonal start for now but it sure does advance.

I’ve always regarded working for the city as the ultimate position. Great pay,benefits and a pension plan. Well,apparently it doesn’t really work like that. All will be explained in later posts. For now all I could say is that I am grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to see what will happen.

Why not work for my current city?well let’s see. It’s a small community and they are not hiring. There you go. I wanted a big city as it offers more divisions per borough that it would be easier to move around in. Right now I’m in the park division,its a coincidence that I absolutely love the show Parks and Rec.. Next year who knows!

I am still keeping my clients as it helps fill in the spare moments,I get to compensate for a absolutely terrible start of the year.

I have had a lot of opportunities in my life that I have taken and then let go. This one I will do my best and hold on to as it will reward me the chance to work on my side hustle. My pride and joy.If all goes well,it will be my ultimate career move.

Another very important part about my new position is that o am able to hit the gym before work which I was never able to do. I love it. I’m burning less calories which was impossible before during my on season.

I will keep you updated as this seems like it’s going to be one hell of a ride this year.

-all roads lead to where I direct them. Let’s hope my GPS is right. –Stranger of MTL

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