Country or city 4

So now we are officially in the month of June and I have to admit,the country life is cool. The weather is a tad cooler than the city but the sun,oh my,how beautiful are the sunrises and sunsets. Now I know buying a house in the country just for the sunsets isn’t that appealing so I will continue about the last couple weeks of country living,city working.

The commute hasn’t been bad at all,except for a few times when there was a accident or overturn truck. The latter seems to happen frequently,but it’s on a major highway so everyone is affected. The drive in I get to have my 2 chairs moment(Bob Bodine) and listen to my older Cds or podcasts. On the drive back it’s straight up pumped music to get me ready to train.

Now let’s talk about upkeep of the land. Here is where you might get discouraged but please don’t let my mistakes turn you off. We bought a push mower,not a ride on so naturally the lawn cutting takes a bit longer. I really don’t mind it to be honest. There are multiple gardens that need upkeep,but I’m getting rid of most to replace with grass.

The fields of produce are absolutely stunning to watch grow from barron land to a sea of green. There are tractors everywhere and farmer garage sales. Same as city garage sales but full of neat stuff to keep your decor rural looking.

We do have lots and lots of projects that we would love to accomplish,but in reality none is pressing and we don’t have the income to do all of it right away. Being a handyman helps a tremendous amount. Next project will be a outdoor fire pit. Super excited for this one. I built one in the city and decided a bigger version would be needed in the country.

Now for the ever loving animal kingdom from raccoons to those pesky mosquitoes. So far I have spent near to 100.00$ on Amazon for specific zappers and bulbs. I will post the results of these on my next blog.

I will be using a few all natural tips that I found people suggest on Facebook and see how they turn out. Either way,bug spray is like a cell phone. Never go outside without it.

Some of the information might be repeated mainly due to the fact that it’s continuing into the summer months. This is our story,two country folks working in the city,living on a budget.

-if you want to see the field of green,plant in the sea of black. -Stranger of MTL

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