So spring has not only officially arrived but the change in weather is guaranteeing us. Being a city boy all my life and making the leap into rural living and working in the city I would like to give my unbiased opinion about the journey we have embarked on. We always would dream about living the country life,the only thing we never did was research. I will do my best to describe the life we live so those who are going to make the leap have a better understanding. A little background about us,we both work in the city. We have 2 dogs that are getting on with age and we enjoy road trips. I am a seasonal worker so my hours are long during the on season and varies during the off season; which what causes depression as nothing and nobody is around all day long. So if you have a regular career the chances of suffering seasonal depression as they call it could be bypassed or at best minimal.

In my earlier blog posts you could sense my depression/anxiety and overall dislike of where we were calling home. Well,now with nicer weather,sun and the employment in full swing I can say it’s pretty damn cool.

So let’s start with the scenery,it’s still bare as we are late into the season,but greenery is popping up,corn fields are being sow and flowers are making there presence with colours that are mesmerizing.

Wildlife is at an all time active level. Borderline scary at times as I have yet to figure them out. I put my dogs out at 4:00 am so the howls,screeches and growls are pretty damn terrifying. Last night I woke up to 2 cats that were having the bout of the year right outside our bedroom bay window. It was unreal. I shit you not it sounded like something that was on tv and the volume was blasted.We have a rooster in the area who is still not exactly on track,but getting better.

I cut the lawn for the first time with a regular 21″ lawn mower. Looks like it’s going to take 2-3 attempts. That was a bit hurtful as I thought I could tackle the job in one shot. I can. If I skip work. Not going to happen as it’s my season to shine.Either way it’s going to be cut. Not looking for pretty and perfection. Low,so the grass doesn’t bother my little dachshunds massive chest.

We have recently been hit with storms that have brought winds ranging in the 90 km zone. As Montreal lost power in numerous boroughs,us country folks were good all the way through. A few flickers but nothing to call hydro about. Gas is still lower than the city but it sure is rising which sucks on my truck.

So the commute is still about 45 minutes each way,I am losing about 2 hours a day in traffic and driving but I get to come home to peace and a getaway of sorts from the city life. It is definitely taking a toll on my sleep and gym life so I had to revamp the whole program to accommodate my new schedule. This most likely will be temporary as I am oh so close to securing a position that will change my career for the greater. Only time will tell. I am advancing however very smoothly thru the processing.

Now let’s move on and discuss entertainment. Well we have internet,not the greatest but we have it. Some days it’s fantastic. More often than not it’s as if the birds carrying the signal are on vacation. This would be one major setback for those who make their living from the internet. It also depends if you live at the top or bottom of the hill. We are the bottom so we are severely limited to quality. Our internet is from a satellite and the bundles are mediocre at best. We did finally go ahead and purchased a satellite tv subscription which is fantastic. Finally get back to watching wwe.

So as you can see,it’s getting better day by day. A lot of sacrifices have to be made to live the country life and work in the city. Just to be clear,we live a fitness rounded,healthy cooking and taking care of 2 dogs lifestyle. If you just work and chill,the difference should not be noticeable from your life in the city. I would assume.

Also it’s worth to mention that to do groceries or any shopping at all,you can’t just hop in your car and 10 mins later your at our destination. We have a 20-25 minutes commute to any city. Plan ahead. It helps a whole lot.

We have noticed a lot of properties for sale near us,which is a fantastic investment if you are aware of what is going on around the neighbouring towns. Are they increasing in size?new complexes that will attract people?all these are great questions to ask if you are planning on investing in a country home as they are less expensive and minutes away from soon to be attraction areas. Value should definitely go up.

For now,this should be enough to keep you wondering about the country life and city life. As we learn and experience more,we will share as much as we can.

-nothing in this world is as beautiful as the sun beaming on the grass. Nothing. -Stranger of MTL

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