Bait and Hook

So I opened up my Instagram account just under 2 years ago without knowing how it works.No research done,just jumped in and learned as I went.It definitely took some time but I kept on improving.I learned how hashtags work,which I am sure I still haven’t master but either way,I post.Then something odd started happening,I was getting followers.1 here,2 there and slowly it would go up.Real slow.So what do I do,i thought it’s common courtesy to follow back.How gullible I was.

It seems like these ‘followers’ were just hooking me in and the minute I followed them,wham,they would unfollow me.Now I am not in this to be a social media guru,fame monger or the like.I really do enjoy posting photo’s of shit that I see or do that I believe should be shared.But,it definitely felt good.So what gives?I recently learned that the more followers you have.the better chance you will have of being sponsored by a corporation of your ‘expertise’.No talent needed,just a high number of followers.Pretty petty if you ask me.This theory is popular among fitness gurus and music artists.However,nowadays you do have to hustle.I understand.

I still post,the only difference now is that I very seldom follow back right away.If at that.When you post a comment that is completely unrelated to my photo and then hit me with a follow.seriously!I don’t think so.My feed is full of photo’s that I have zero interest in and now I am on a clean up run.I learned a lesson.The bait and hook is everywhere.

Just a little rant I wanted to share.I enjoy social media and do believe it has great potential for everyone using it,but have some decency  you attention seeking whores.Your talent is what should get you what you deserve,not your ability to find gullible persons like myself.Oh well!

-I shook your hand and looked you in the eyes while all along you were looking at the crowd of people behind me.Stranger of MTL

canada150 006

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