Another day of tests

7:15 am,I’m early. That’s alright,I rather be early than late.Since I was a young one,I made it my mission to always be on time,even early. I eat,catch up on news and check my social media platforms. All 2 of them. We are scheduled for 8:00 am and no show from you. I text. No response. I text again,no response. 8:30 am,I call. No answer. This seems to happen quite a lot to me. Is my help so underrated that you can brush me off and make me wait? You called me,remember!

The problem is I take this way too personally. Your probably sleeping off the vast amount of liquor you drank even though we had a schedule. Maybe you worked late into the night.No worries right?wrong! I am not an after thought. I am a skilled individual who is helping YOU out and your just oblivious to those around you.

I have known you for years and I should have pexels-photo-936028.jpegknown this type of behavior would not go away. Your self centered and bougie. Yes I said it,bougie. If I could leave I would,but I’m not designed that way. My breed is hard to come by mainly because of individuals like yourself.

I’ll stick around and help you get the job done. The only difference this time is I will make  an actual note  instead of a mental note to remember for the future.

You better not wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

-Now this is a letter or text I would love to send. However,work is work and for now  I’m not in a position to send this little cool off letter. How many out there have felt this way?I know that I am not alone and we have all felt like it’s a test of character. I sure do take a lot of tests. Well,it does make me just a tad stronger in this mystery we call life.

-If patience is a game,I would be the last player chosen. Stranger of MTL

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