Well okay,it has been about 5 months since we moved from our comfort in the city to the unknown of the country.During this time we went from the beautiful weather and colors of fall to a bone chilling winter.As we are in spring now and the weather is finally cooperating,I wanted to let you know about our experience dealing with the cold weather in the first house that built the city we live in now.

A little back story,I found out recently from city hall that our house was originally built in the late 1800’s.WOW.Been renovated in the late 70’s and regular updates around the way.As a renovator myself,I can say that the minimum was used in the workmanship.Not aesthetically,that part is beautiful.All wood everywhere,real country style.What I mean to say is that footings for decks and our solarium is of no Canadian weather standards,slopes aimed in the wrong direction and insulation in need of topping off.

Let’s just say I cringed when I saw our hydro bill.No worries,all this will be addressed before the next winter season hits us.
So how did we make out during the cold months of the year?well for starters,we lost power about 3 times for approximately 5 hours at a time.Not bad for country living.We were lucky enough to have a kerosene heater to keep us warm when needed. Definitely going to be buying a generator for the next winter season.600-800$

We have 3 crawl spaces each with it’s own baseboard heater that keeps the crawl spaces a comfortable temperature,mainly to prevent the pipes from freezing.The idea is to have closed cell foam insulation sprayed by fall to provide a professional barrier against humidity and cold.The cost expected for 2 inches is about 2000$.Well worth the investment short term and long term.

The bathroom is in need of a serious makeover,but not pressing.We expect to renovate it by fall as well.Going to make it city modern with a little touch of country.Ceramic shower,frosted glass shelves,floating cupboards and sink with a nice new toilet.New ceramic with more earth tones than the blah white we have now.No price yet as it’s not a necessity.

The attic insulation is good,not great.This needs to be topped off by at least 6 inches to minimize heat loss.Caulking around some cracks along with some new weather strip should make a massive improvement in our comfort level.500$

The beauty about all this is that most of the work will be done by ourselves and we get to save on this front,therefore being able to purchase better quality products,or what we actually want and not go in a hole doing so.We didn’t move out here to be broke living in a house that should be in a magazine.

So,how were the roads you ask?Fantastic.Take note there is not many roads to clean so the plow was constantly out there.We never ran into an issue were we could not commute.There was plenty of sand,it also helps to know how to adapt your driving to the weather and not be some jackass who believes his Honda civic is untouchable.

I did end up in a ditch once where towing services were needed.Freak of nature,open terrain on a cold day after some days of above seasonal temperature secondary highway was not salted,sanded and it was during traffic time(yes we get traffic,minimal but still traffic)where my truck just went wherever it wanted .Luckily no damage was done to myself and my truck.Mental note,make sure you have winter tires in great shape.1000$

As you can see the prices are estimates for what NEEDS to be done in order to be that much more prepared for the death grip of winter in the country.To conclude our winter experience,it wasn’t terrible.We definitely need to do some work but at least we made it.

-The only problem I found in winter was my lack of participation in all it’s beauty.-Stranger of MTL

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