Let me take you back,way back to my younger days when carefree was what we represented.A time when you had to be in a classification among your peers.A moment in time when being an individual was really not considered,we just wanted to belong.
As a young troublemaker my music genre was all over the place-rap,hip-hop,rock,heavy,grunge,techno(yes we raved and loved it)and a few others.Every occasion was a different style of beats and lyrics to flood our ear drums.We were quite fond of west coast rap for it’s laid back vibes and all around promotion of drinking.New artists were emerging regularly and they were bangers. Hit after hit we were constantly in record shops coping the newest albums.What a feeling that was.Every Friday after school I would hope on my fat tubed mountain bike and zip thru the neighborhood to the record store and buy.On weekends we would end up downtown to used record shops and big box ones to buy and buy some more.We were feeding our hunger for straight up,in your face bangers. Life was good.And then it all changed for this white boy…..
Meet 2Pac.An artist like no other during his time.Many came close but yet missed the margin.No disrespect for those artists,but Pac was and to most still is “the realest to ever do it”.
I was in grade 8 at the time “Me against the world”dropped and then I was hooked.You see,I never knew about 2Pac’s body of work before this moment so automatically I backed up and immersed myself into his work.Now being a white youth,a lot of the stuff I could not relate to,this is true but the energy and circumstances he painted in his songs made me feel a part of the song.I automatically went out and bought “Me against the world” on cassette and played that tape til I had to buy it on CD. Morning before school,it was Pac. After school on the way home it was Pac. I even remember that my buddies and I performed Dear mama to an elderly residence for our variety show.
When an artist like 2Pac puts words to beats,it is nearly impossible not to feel his energy and passion.ghettoblaster-radio-recorder-boombox-old-school-159613.jpegpexels-photo-170290.jpeg From having tears stream down my own face during “so many tears” to yelling at the top of my lungs”fuck the world” to bopping my head to the “old school”.2Pac had something for everyone in his albums and he always brought his best.

Breakdown of the album as it means to me-
⦁ intro-a brief account of events involving 2Pac and his misfortunes.
⦁ if I die 2nite-super hype song to get you ready for whatever may come your way and the repercussions to follow.
⦁ me against the world-keep on fighting no matter what your circumstances are
⦁ so many tears-crying out to GOD while living a life of pain and everyone around me are becoming angels
⦁ temptations-sexual desires
⦁ young niggaz-the need of acceptance and belonging
⦁ heavy in the game-maximizing your hustle,stepping up your game
⦁ lord knows-the circumstances of life I am going thru and the need to pray
⦁ dear mama-a deep and profound love for my mother.The struggles of a single parent and the pain associated with it.
⦁ it ain’t easy-just
⦁ can u get away-attraction to a woman that is spoken for and unhappy.
⦁ old school-hype/hype/hype.paying respect to the ones before.
⦁ fuck the world-need I say more!
⦁ death around the corner-paranoia and repurcussions of the life chosen.
⦁ outlaw-living life differently than most.making my own rules regardless of the consequences.

Now these are super brief descriptions of my interpretations of the songs.To fully experience 2Pac you need to immerse your senses into each song as they are your own.

I found myself when everything else I was looking for was dead and goneSTRANGER OF MTL

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