Montreal is my city.Montreal is where I found myself.Montreal is where my life events take place.But ,your laws and restrictions are what is hurting my Montreal.
Montreal is one of those cities where yorage-sport-027.jpgu can literally walk up and down any street and find beauty.In it’s landscape to the buildings,it wasn’t done by mistakes.It was beautifully planned.From heritage homes to the most modern condo facades,it’s awe-spiring. The vast amount of people with different backgrounds could make the loneliest soul feel at ease and accepted.Food from all over the globe,clothing from different backgrounds,it’s no wonder everyone loves Montreal.Except it’s mayors it seems.
Their job is hard granted,but you chose the role,we voted you in and then you Jekyll and Hyde us.The city is indeed old and the majority of infrastructures need work.Better roads are always welcomed.However,instead of going about the childish way that you have been for decades that only result in chaos and delays and let’s not forget the all to common do-over.Take a look at other cities and study their method.There is no shame in copying a technique,if it works.You want to be innovative,you are.Look at the state of the art hospitals,entertainment venues,transportation services and little blocks that make up Montreal.You definitely are in an upper class.However,when you start your construction you lose all credibility with your citizens.You scare away tourist who clearly want to spend their hard earned dollars in Montreal while eating 5 star poutines and catching a show.All your events are held in a radius of no parking,claustrophobic buildings and piss laden alleys with grumpy shop keepers who only have one washroom that seems broken all the time.Then you comment that it was a success and a few weeks later somehow we are in a deficit.We might be an island,but a massive one we are.Spread your events to expand exposure to other parts of the city.Where parking and open air is readily available.How will the citizens get around,well we have a fantastic transportation system that could accommodate them.
If more help is needed,hire more.Your criteria for city employee’s are absolutely ridiculous.There are plenty of retired persons out there ready to work and that have experience,you do not need a B.A to direct traffic.You do not need 3 years of College for litter pick up.Loosen the criteria and watch how you can not only help your citizens,but help your venues which in turn attracts tourist and the income from them can pay for all the extra hires.
Every year you make decisions that hurt the city and it’s residents.Stop.Just stop for a second,think about your decision before ranting on about how we are going to make Montreal a place where people want to stay.We already love the city.We already want to stay,it’s your foolishness that makes us want to leave.Sometimes not doing is more than doing.
I moved right outside of the city,like many residents did before me but we still work in Montreal.We still consider Montreal our home.Our friends and families are still in Montreal.We are still very passionate and involved in our Montreal,regardless what my municipality is on paper.I am not bashing your decisions,I’m voicing my opinion just like many have done before.Why?because it’s my city.

you can only push so much before your left aloneStranger Of Mtl

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