Fear of missing out.Fear of missing out on what?experience?okay i’ll bite.What experience?It seems like today,everything is an experience.Going to the mall is an experience,you never know who is gonna be there.Seriously?Your Instagram and Facebook followers?You want to tweet that you saw so and so even though that person did not even engage in any conversation with you or even acknowledge your existence. SMH. Keep contributing to their status while you stay the same.You really believe that adding a bunch of new followers will enlighten your life,how wrong you are.We should fear on missing out on the right experience,like education and career opportunities.That’s what I am afraid of missing out on.Going to some night club,super chic restaurant that will render me broke by night’s end means nothing to me.I’m working on improving my own existence.
Of course I follow certain people myself,mainly those who had an impact in my life with their work,and it’s not a reality TV star.Their authors,speakers,athletes and so forth.They are the best in their field and I am proud to follow them as they provide content I can use to set a brighter star for myself and close ones.I see thousands of people and it’s not only the young,going head over heels for persons that are nothing but glorified assholes.They are throwing their money at these people to either look like them,to fit in with their brand of style and maybe get a follow on a social media platform.Grow up and look in the mirror.Get a trade.Get a clue and realize that in a few years that celeb you followed just died of an overdose.Have fun in life.See your friends,go to fancy restaurants when your budget allows.When your time allows.Skipping work or showing up tired to half ass your duties is no merit.
So what are your F.O.M.O about?Personally,gains for me.That’s right,I said gains.As I get older my body will not recuperate and grow as I intend it to.I still keep going.Fear of dying average is another one.Who wants that.Missing out on what life has in store for me.So I wake up everyday and try. Some days I succeed and some days I fail.But I keep coming back.I will not go broke to satisfy the hunger of others.I will not give in to my own temptations to own the newest Iphone and be broke.I’m missing out on what?The newest IOS?Please,there is a new one and most of the time a better version of it coming up.So patience is actually the gift I can offer,because when I am ready to shell out my hard earned dollars,I will have what I wanted to and what I missed out on is old news anyways.Irrelevant.

toxic print 1.jpg
I spent the majority of my day thinking about you,yet I didn’t even cross your mind.What a fool am I-STRANGER OF MTL

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