Fitting title I guess for what’s to come next.This might not be everyone’s choice of topic but it’s mine.It’s where i’m at.My standstill.My fork in the road.My black book of questions.Knock knock…….No answer.Seems like this most of the time.I continue,knock knock……still no answer.Wonder where he is.What’s taking so long to answer me.I guess he must be busy.Well i’m not the only person out there in this vast universe who needs some questions answered or directions to the next destination.Yet,my selfish way thinks that I should be first.My first world problems are much graver than those of any third world country.I just can’t wait for another day or week or even a decade.I need help,well I actually just need guidance.There I go confusing the two again.Making my problems seem so catastrophic that it resembles the economy crashing and some plague returning to finish the job.In reality it’s not,but my mind won’t except that part.It’s huge.It’s a be all or end all situation i’m in.The only person that can help is not even answering my call.
Or maybe he is,by not talking to me.Could there be a massive plan in motion.Could my unanswered questions be part of something way bigger than I hoped for myself.Do I have to go thru some severe change in my perspective to receive this gift?What do I have to do to get you to talk to me?Seriously,what?
Just to be clear I am not angry.I let those emotions go a while back.I replaced that with fucking pissed off which seems to do a whole lot better for my complexion.No,I am not fucking pissed off,i’m just weakened. Weak from trying.Weak from fighting,yet I refuse to quit.I refuse to be the norm.I bust my ass in the gym,on my idea’s,on projects and I will continue to bust my ass and knuckles banging on your door.I know in time you will answer all my questions,so until then I will continue to ask them no matter where I’ll be or how weak.
-In times of need and crisis,we fall weak.The storm does make another turn so be prepared,get yourself a raincoat if it’s a colder day or just a plain T if it’s warmer.Go outside no matter the weather and have your moment.Have your conversation and just like I will be doing,WAIT.-STRANGER OF MTLraffi-iphone-025.jpg

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