Imagine waking up and not having to worry.Imagine your life where money was present,your belly and cupboards full.Vacation days,sick days and cost adjusted living.Imagine a set schedule so you could actually make plans and keep them.Pension plan,RRSP contributions,employee assistance program and all for nothing.The cost of being a employee.World renown company and always in top 100 employer for years running.I had this.Twice.Two times I was afforded this opportunity and both times I quit.Did you hear what I said?I quit!How dumb can I be?Please don’t answer that.I had it all.Life was made.Or was it?
I was always a hard worker.No joke,old school coal miner type of worker.I believed in hard work since I started working.So when I had the opportunity to get a job I jumped on it.I did everything right.The exams,the interview and most important,communication.I was proud of myself.Man,I felt good.Twice.So why am I in my checkered bottoms,Under Armour sweater and with two dogs next to me now typing away instead of being at work.Notice I did not mention career. I said work.A job.It wasn’t for me.Stupid move for sure,but nonetheless not for me.I hate politics at work.I hate crybabies in the workplace.Most importantly I hate working twice due to incompetence on the management side even if I am getting paid for it.My tolerance has disappeared since I became straightedge.Sober.No nothing creating a different feel in my body except maybe pre-workout formulas with too much beta-alanine. So I ended up leaving.I couldn’t picture myself working for these companies until retirement.I found myself flaccid,to say.I know I could have had the nice house,the new truck,lots of knick knacks that would create more garbage in my life because all I would be doing is filling this empty soul of mine.A little dramatic,maybe.It’s my blog.It’s my experience and it’s my truth.
Okay,so let me mention that I was working my passion,my joy during the same time.I just did not have enough income coming in so I jumped to these opportunities.As I was working for the major corporations,my time for my passion was being greatly reduced to the point that it almost disappeared.They are both day time work.So doing one after work would limit the amount I could get accomplished.Luckily enough I was still able to do me when I left the major corporations.Instead of a steady paycheck of 40 hours and benefits and all sorts of bonuses and overtime pay,I went to a maybe i’ll get paid this week if I have any work.Some weeks are great.Some months are dead.It feels like a revolver.One chamber is loaded with opportunities and the other chamber is empty.Somebody else took that opportunity.
The real issue that I keep having with myself is if I did the right move.Should I have hanged on a bit longer?Saved more money?The answer I keep coming up with varies with how my life is going.Overthinking maybe!When my career is slow,I wish that I never left.I should of just toughened up and become complacent.When work is going great,I will be ever thankful that I left,that I took a shot at myself.If life is batman then I’m twoface. I really should make my life decisions with a coin.A proud Canadian Loonie.I believe I can afford that at the moment.
Last little note here,I may not have everything I want but I have everything I need.This whole f.o.m.o attitude that is crippling individuals needs to stop.The most important part of my work is the smile I see on my clients faces.The thank you’s for being able to solve the problem.Being there when they needed me the most.The personal touch.So if I don’t get to see certain wonders of the world because financially I can’t travel there,so be it.You will find me hiking with my wife and dogs,eating an affordable meal from some unknown hole in the wall or just cruising the highways.Guests welcomed.

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