So, it’s no secret the power of motivational/inspirational books on one’s psyche. Seems like everywhere you turn to nowadays someone is talking about their hustle. Their method of the grind. What books they read to become a self-starter and generate a seven-figure income. Really! That’s all you did. Huh, wonder why all the people who bought your books aren’t in the same position. The truth is, because my drive isn’t as strong as yours. I haven’t fallen on my face yet to know what real hustle is. The truth is, the bigger percentage of those book buyers are in the same boat as me. Hard work pays off, but not in all fields. I listen to podcast, read and even plant little messages on my person and the truth is, it brings a smile. Just don’t go reading too deep into it.

Reading is a phenomenal gift that we have. It can alter our time and surrounding no matter where we go. I just find that the message these authors are producing are just plain contradictory to one another. So, depending on how many books your reading and from which authors you could just be running around in circles instead of following a proven path. One that is supposed to lead you to success. A lot mention that hard work, hustle, no sleep is the way to go. Have you tried working hard on no sleep? I have, and almost came to a few accidents. I’m talking about 24 hours of straight no sleep and actually working hard. Manually. Second of all, how are you supposed to stay motivated when your dead ass tired? Your mind can’t produce powerful content if it’s tired. Plain fucking knowledge. Now there is the other school of thought that teaches us to work smart and not hard. This I love. All you have to do is build an empire slowly and you will be living the life you want. Buy and sell. I actually love this idea as it can produce SWISS dollars. This method can get you richer quickly, I believe, but there definitely is a grind to it. You need to always be current with your chosen market and be ready to buy/sell at any given time.

I am not bashing these authors. I have read quite a few books and listened to podcasts regularly to fuel my brain. Just take it with a grain of salt most of the information you are being fed. Once I started doing it this way, it all became clearer. Not all ten steps are meant for me or you. Feel free to skip a few, because you might not be in that particular category. So, keep reading and keep hustling just don’t lose your soul over it. Life is here now, get all you want but enjoy the process because tomorrow you can be gone and you would have hustled your precious time away making someone else live theirs.

-I grind, I hustle, I drop. Only to get back up again and give it another shot. -STRANGER OF MTL

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