1000-islands-and-more-224.jpgThe purpose of this blog is to let you understand why I love being Canadian.I am not putting any other nationality down,just explaining the reason why I would not want to change who I am.CANADIAN.The only difference is,I will explain this in my typical day consisting of 24 hrs.So let me take a minute and tell you my side of being Canadian.

Let’s start at midnight while I sleep safely in my house.I sleep peacefully because our armed forces are out there protecting us.Our soldiers who are dedicating their time,giving up their sleep so I can have mine.I sleep because the police and firemen watch over me in case of an incident. I sleep until 4:45 am,when I wake up to a new day.I wake up free to pursue any career I have chosen,any life I want,any hobby I want to indulge in.Do not go against the laws of humanity and you can have it all.The freedom of education at a reasonable price,cultural centers full of courses on language,nutrition and lifestyle.Off to work I go at 6:00 am,thankful that I am able to choose my career and not be forced into labor. I start work at 7:00 am.So far,countless Canadians have made sure that I was able to sleep soundly and make it to work without any worries.I work the day in a safe and regulated manner as supported by our government and if by chance I was to get injured,the fantastic care provided by our medical team will do all they can to heal my injuries.The day is over and I make my commute home.Slow at times but always entertaining .I wash up with clean water safe for consuming,even from an outdoor spigot,food provided from domestic farmers and electricity  available continuously. By the time I am finished it’s nearly 8:00 pm and over 1 million persons have worked around the clock to ensure that I woke up,pursued my chosen life and returned home safely.I unwind and read a book,go on the internet with no site restrictions before heading to bed.As I lay my head down,I know how fortunate I am.This happens again the next day.Over time we forget how lucky we are to live in such a great country due to all the political jargon and senseless debates.

So the roads aren’t in the best shape,but they still connect us to one another.So the price of our electricity is ridiculously high,it’s still available 24/7.So our taxes are through the roof,but the police/fire department are always there when you need them.Our medical system might be long at times,but the quality is unmatched.The freedom we have is worth the price,look at where you live and see if you’re as lucky as I am.I wish you are.There is a lot of reasons to be a sour Canadian,I just can’t find one that is justifiable.

A proud Canadian who wouldn’t change a thing if it meant sacrificing his safety and freedom.

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