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Now here is a topic that deserves it’s due diligence.Not really,providing you know what you want.The problem is I have no clue what I want as I switch mindsets regularly depending on what the flavor of the day is.Let’s get to describing what is the difference between aesthetics and bulk.Well,aesthetics is defined as beautiful.I will not get down to every word of it but the end result is beautiful.Eye catching.In the fitness industry,shredded af. Muscle bellies perfectly shaped and separated by valleys,veins as thick and clear as streams.It has come to a point that the body fat percentages is so damn low,do the doctors really need an x-ray for certain surgeries.Come on,it is totally eye pleasing.But is it what I want.Take bulking on the other hand,just the opposite.A lot of people will argue that bulkers have more strength,well,they do have more fat and energy stores in them so,yeah.Does it mean anything,well to me it does.I would love the best of both worlds without any additional aids.winkwink.Also,I’m at an age now that does make it a little bit harder to go for gold in both directions.So what do I do?
Hence the middle point.I ,among with a few million people out there love this section of the line.My frame has muscle bellies separated by the closest muscle belly to it with only the major veins protruding.Add to this a few strays and you have arrived to the middle section.Speaking of the middle section,it is worth noting that I am not looking for a chiseled six to eight pack,but enough to see that there is some definition and I do attempt and succeed partially at my diet.Abs are replaced with massive traps,the disappearing act of the neck and forearms that cry when they see long sleeve shirts.Who are we kidding,we love the fact that gym clothes has gone thru some many changes that in a few years it will be appropriate to where them at weddings and funerals.I for one am looking forward to this day.
So how does one achieve the middle point.Like scientists and relentless people do,trial and error.There are formulas out there you can follow as a guide line,I certainly do,but consistent work and tweaks have been the real answer.Let’s start with the diet.I do manual labor,so I need to eat a lot of food.Protein is not enough.I need carbs,fats and caffeine.Lots of caffeine.Add to this training six to seven days a week and you can understand why I try and eat everything.I should mention that I do not eat pizza,poutines,hotdogs and chips at all.I do try and stick to tuna in a can cause its affordable,full of protein and goes with pretty much anything.Chicken,no explanation needed.And of course red meat.I love red meat.Chili would be my go to meal.Throw in bananas,berries and apples and I am a happy man.Don’t forget the pack or two of oreos. Don’t judge.Your doing the same with something else no doubt.As for my training side I follow almost the same routine of sets and reps but tweaking exercises about every four to six weeks.I tend to do more power lifting style reps in the summer time as I live in Canada and train in a garage gym which does not get too warm.So for fear of tearing my body apart,I stick that training for the summer.So I bang out about four to five sets of eight to ten reps per exercise.I do feel great,but I know there is room for so much more improvements.
Would I ever go one side completely?yes I would.It all depends on my goal.Of course,there is that odd chance a supplement company would ask to use their product and follow a certain protocol to achieve a look.That is another reason.Right now I am comfortable eating like a dachshund and lifting like a beast.So where do you find yourself?

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