Well it’s no secret that lately I have not been feeling quite myself.I usually don’t go thru bouts of depression but lately it’s been hitting hard.I am so glad to be feeling myself right now.I feel fantastic,and I wanted to share.We really don’t appreciate the moments when life is going great,just let it be.Well,now I know firsthand that it’s a gift to feel alive.To wake up and not have a worry,just breath and let go.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves,I guess that was the reason I hit a low,but when I let it go,just be me and force the stars to align to my needs,it feels great.Some fruition might arise out of the situations I am creating or not,that’s fine too.Get up and try again.

The funny part about all this was that a single purchase of new pants made me feel better about myself.No the pants weren’t some brand name expensive garbage,it just felt right on me.When I put them on,I didn’t feel low,I felt and visioned success.I felt like a man who could do those things .Silly to say all this about a pair of pants,but if you know me,you understand that my average get-up is either construction work clothes or straight up urban.I wouldn’t call it retail therapy as it was a pair of pants only,but more as improvement of self.Some people change their hairstyle and it magically transforms them into a new and vibrant person.A new car would do the same.The simplicity in all of this is what has brought me to amazement.I woke up today and got more than in the morning than the last few days.How?nothing to bother me,nothing to occupy my progress thinking.Oh what a feeling it is to be happy.

-They say it will get better

I say when?

they say be patient and have faithottawa cruise 091

I say I have

then take control of your life they said

so I woke up and got dressed



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