Quiet. I hate quiet. I can’t stand the whole fact that there is no waves contouring the air around me.Nothing to occupy the endless battle in my head. Sometimes I find the war quite amusing,other times it’s just awful. So needless to say,any form of external sound is welcoming. At the very least,it’s calming.

Since I was a young gun I needed to sleep with my radio on. Falling asleep to guitar riffs or some ghetto shootout described in a way only scarface would be able to do. Guns n roses and wu-tang brought peace to me back then as they do now. My wife loves quiet. I will never understand the whole silence thing,maybe because we have different battles in our heads.

Even a long day of power tools just pounding away at the job site,when it’s all said and done I’m back to filling my eardrums with the sweet sounds of music,podcasts or general talk radio. Will I ever get to enjoy my days without sound, just relax reading a book with no background sound,I guess it’s possible but for now it is a distant image.

-when you put me away for good,you may take away my noise-STRANGER OF MTL

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