So here is one that is particularly interesting for a lot of you readers.The age old question of which is better-working and living in the city or working in the city and living in the country.I will give you my unbiased answer to this as my wife and I have recently just done the latter.As with most moves we did this during the winter months so it did bring with it a few ‎pexels-photo-373893.jpegpexels-photo-870224.jpegwalks with the dogs or a walk to the corner store.I should mention that I do live in Canada and yes,I LOVE IT.At the end of 2017 we decided to jump ship into the country with our two mini dogs,Jackson and Shooter.We left our suburban living to 1 acre land with a stream,forest and a reasonable size house for our needs.
So what did influence our decision to move into country living while travelling 45 minutes one way to work each day.Well,in all honesty there was actually 3.Let’s get straight to the big influencer,money.Now,we don’t make a salary that would deem us poor,nor do we make a salary that would put us in the Rockefeller zone.However,we do eat comfortably,our dogs have what they need and we can put money aside for future needs.Back on track,housing prices in the city has risen drastically in the recent years and there is no slowing down.An average house,say a bungalow with a tiny yard and a 2 car driveway will run you over 325,000.To me that is ridiculkous.Add hydro,taxes,renovations and just regular cost of living and your damn near the poverty line.Our new home was half that estimated amount with less taxes,lower hydro(it’s a single level) and less renovations as it’s a single level mainly for two adults and no children.
Second factor in our decision was privacy,borderline anti-socialism if you can call it that.Listen,I loved having neighbours that I saw everyday,helping each other out and so forth.It merits to mention that we had awesome neighbours.Most days out of the week,I hated talking to those around me.It had nothing to do with them or the kind of day I was having,it was time scheduling.Or so I thought.I just started getting frustrated with my circumstances of living in the suburbs while going nowhere.So over the years,this developed into anti-social behavior which I tried to fight,but ultimately lost.
Third factor was the need to be lost,go dark,disappear for a while.Reinvent myself and comeback,kinda like Batman.My hero.
So now we established the reasons why we jumped ship and moved to the country,was it worth it?In all honesty,I’m still trying to figure it out.Financially,we are in a great place.Even if one of us were to be laid off or a slow season for me,we would be okay.I find the drive isn’t that bad as I am addicted to podcasts and have a plethora of cd’s.Yes,I still do buy cd’s.Often times I have conversations with the Almighty about life and directions that I should be taking.The worst of all is the seasonal depression.More times than not,I find myself dipping into a form depression if I stay home too long.Take my seasonal work situation,If I stay in-house for 3-4 days straight,whether or not i’m renovating,I lose my shit.
So here is my unbiased answer to this age-old question.It definatly does have a lot of advantages and it does have it’s disadvantages.If you are not comfortable being by yourself,Do Not move to the country.I guarantee ,your family and friends will not bother visiting you as much or at all.Just the rough truth.I will give you updates as the seasons change and of course work/life balance.
Remember this,any living situation,working situation,financial situation can change.Be smart and logical in your decisions,but be prepared that it will get turned upside down and you will have to restructure your goals.

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