Country or City-5

Well,it's nearing the one year mark on our move from the tightly packed,everything within arms reach life of the city to the crickets of the country. By now summer is almost over with and the beauty and dreadful work that fall brings is upon us. I'm sure all those leaves,and I mean all those leaves... Continue Reading →

Where does one belong in this beauty?

The world is beautiful. It is a fact. We are surrounded by views only nature can give us. If we are able to put aside the ugliness that the media feeds us,we can really appreciate the beauty that encompasses us. Don't believe me?Go outside. Close your eyes for a few seconds,tilt your head upwards and... Continue Reading →

Responsibility vs actuality

Responsibility is what we have. It's what we create in our day to day tasks. Actuality is what happens in real time. Pretty simple to distinguish between both of these. Not so my friends,not so at all. Let's get into a situation that I recently got myself into. So I pride myself on giving fantastic... Continue Reading →

A getaway from it all

I think a lot.My mind is in a constant wheel spinning as if it's competing in hamster wheel races. In all honesty,it sucks. No better way to describe it. No 50$ word,nothing. I am constantly fighting a battle with myself and,well myself. The only difference is that I am not looking in a mirror. I'm... Continue Reading →

How I moved on……

Life in general is beautiful. It's a blessing to wake up and see the beauty that is around us. Fresh air and a breeze is all you need to put on a smile. And a simple wrench thrown in our gear can completely ruin our chi. I feel like quite a few wrenches get thrown... Continue Reading →

Turn the page(toned down)

So I just celebrated my birthday and as I get another year older seems like I dust off my shoulders some more. For the better though. I am enjoying my life as I don't have to deal with other peoples drama and excuses. Why a second blog about the same shit as last time?simple,here is... Continue Reading →

Does it get better or worse

So as most readers might not know if you haven't read my other blogs I'm pretty much a lonesome cowboy. I have a very few,I guess more than one but less than 3 is considered few,friends. It wasn't always like this. When I was younger I was surrounded by friends. All we did was hang... Continue Reading →

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